Naturally good
so you don't have to be

73, 74 & 75 calories per bottle – the same as an average sized apple

Lightly sparkling spring water balanced with a touch of crisp fruit juice.

All natural ingredients – nothing artificial added

Summer’s aroma of feijoa on the nose with a cool dance of apple on the palate.

Try it with Spanish or Mexican or pair the classically kiwi feijoa flavour with fish and chips for a beach picnic.

Dazzling all-natural colour and a luscious touch of delicate berry.

Try this versatile sip with summer salads, dark meats, dark chocolate, and as a perfect compliment to tomato and mint flavours.

Refreshing and mellow with a hint of passion’s bite.

Try it with white fish, tomato & mozzarella salad or a shared cheese platter.

Let's Face it

Nobody's perfect and wouldn't it be boring if we were?

Is it your third coffee of the day? Succumbed to the ginger crunch? It happens to the best of us. But where's the yin without the yang? The nice without the naughty? Funnily it's the good things in life that allow us to be a little bad. And that's where we come in.

We wanted to create a drink full of only the good stuff that life has to offer - all natural ingredients, a lighter calorie count and deliciousness to boot.

It's your hall pass, a drink that's good;
so you don't have to be.